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Nieuwpoort Camp Rules Agreement

The “Nieuwpoort Youth Conference Rules Agreement” form MUST be read by every participant prior to coming to camp.


  1. We do not change rooms after checking in

  2. The hostel asks not to eat in the bedrooms (use the fellowship room)

  3. No drinking of alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed

  4. After 24h00 no more going around in the hallways

  5. Only boys on the boys’ floor, only girls on the girls’ floor

  6. We dress decently, as not to offend anyone

  7. We are always present in the meetings and at activities

  8. We do not leave a service to go to our room, without notifying a leader (for your safety)

  9. Under 18 year olds, do not leave the building without company of a responsible older person and notifying a leader

  10. Don’t leave money or valuable objects in your room

  11. We behave as Christians, as we want to be a testimony

  12. Clean up your room before you go

  13. The host pastor reserves the right to dismiss from camp anyone who does not obey these regulations or direct instructions from leaders (without refund)

In case of questions please contact us via

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